What is Sports Massage?

Common questions I get asked are “what is sports massage?”, “how does it differ to other types of massage?” and “how will a sports massage be of benefit to me?” All of these questions will be covered in this blog.

To start with, a sports massage is different to a massage you would receive from a spa. Sports massage is much more of a deep tissue massage. A sports massage is of benefit to men, women and children who are active and like to remain active. Not only does it help sports people, but also, people that do a lot of driving, stand on their feet or sit at a desk all day.

The main physiological benefits of a sports massage are increasing circulation in the muscles, reducing the effect of muscle fatigue and breaking down of scar tissue that may have developed. These help to speed up recovery from an injury, reduce the chances of further injury and studies have shown that regular sports massage improves sporting performance. Other physiological benefits include reducing the effect of muscle aches and pains, increasing flexibility and reducing pain. The reduction in muscle pain also applies to people in the work place that suffer from poor posture in the back and shoulders or people that are on their feet all day and have aching feet and legs.

Not only are there physiological benefits but also psychological benefits to a sports massage, these include a reduction in stress, anxiety and helps someone to relax after a particularly stressful period of time.

My experience of providing sports massage ranges from working at events such as the Great North Run and the London Marathon. As well as providing sports massage for the professional footballers at Southend United FC on a weekly basis.

So why not book in today by calling Tom on 07792 599566.

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