Methods of Treatment

Tom uses many different treatment options such as sports massage and soft tissue manipulation to breakdown scar tissue, increase flexibility, strength and circulation.

Manual therapy is a treatment used on a joint to increase range of motion and decrease pain. Rehabilitation is a big part of the injury process to decrease pain and prevent an injury returning again.

This involves setting a personal rehabilitation programme, providing core strengthening exercises and exercises to provide postural re-education. Tom also offers sports rehabilitation in various parks around Brentwood for anyone nearing a return to sport. This is perfect to improve fitness, strength, agility or to increase their confidence!

As well as all this, Tom does taping to provide stability and support in a joint and kinesiology tape to encourage the healing time of an injury.

If Tom is not able to do anything to help then he is able to refer you onwards to the appropriate medical professional.

Tom uses the following techniques to treat a wide variety of injuries:

• Sports Massage
• Soft Tissue Manipulation
• Manual Therapy (of the spine and peripheral joints)
• Postural re-education
• Core Stability
• Cryotherapy
• Rehabilitation Programmes
• One to one rehabilitation
• Specialist referral
• Pre and Post surgical rehabilitation
• Mechanical taping and strapping
• Kinesiology Taping