Merry Christmas!

As you all know Christmas is fast approaching, I hope that everyone is well prepared and doesn’t have much left to do! I have put together a blog on how to reduce the chances of getting injured in the first few months of 2017.

January is normally my busiest time of year, there are several reasons that I believe to be the cause of this. One of these is people who have an aim of getting into shape or getting fit as part of their New Year’s Resolution. Of course there’s not a problem with doing this but I do see a lot of patients in January and February who have had this aim and do too much exercise too soon. When starting a new training programme, you must build yourself into the programme and gently increase the volume, duration and intensity of a training session. This will reduce the chances of injury happening as most of these injuries happen as a result of overloading and overworking the body.

The above also applies to people who are already of a good level of fitness. Even if you have just one week of rest you will need to do an easy session first to get your body used to the demands that you are going to be placing on it. I frequently see patients who jumped back into their normal programme without an easy session to begin with which normally causes an injury. I would also recommend a thorough warm up and cool down as part of that first training session back in the gym or out on the pitch. I also see plenty of people who have been having aches and pains before Christmas and need some help and advice on that injury when rest doesn’t clear it up.

You may have seen I am doing a Christmas offer of 5 one hour sports massages for just £140 which will be perfect for anyone who is starting up at the gym again and is looking to avoid injury. This offer would also be perfect for anyone who is training for anything in the near future such as the London Marathon.

And finally, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope that you all have a great time over the festive period.

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