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New Year, New You?

As we are now into the full swing of the New Year, how is your new exercise programme going? Whether you are trying to get a bit fitter and trying to lose weight or if you’re stepping up training for an event such as the London Marathon or Brentwood Half Marathon hopefully you will be noticing the benefits already! I am ... More

How to warm up and cool down

I find that failing to do a warm up or cool down or doing it incorrectly is one of the main reasons for many injuries I see. Whilst some injuries are unavoidable, some injuries are very much preventative by looking after yourself. I know myself how difficult it is to spend time stretching after exercise when all you want ... More

Ankle Sprains

One of the most common injuries I see in clinic is ankle ligament damage, tears and in severe cases fractured ankles mainly due to a sprain. I am going to explain what happens when ligaments tear, what the signs and symptoms are and how to go about getting back to playing sport after the injury. Ankle ligament injuries ... More

What is Sports Massage?

Not only does a Sports Therapist like myself have the skills to assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries, but also qualified in sports massage. I treat a lot of people who just require regular maintenance through a monthly sports massage. I often get asked questions about what sports massage is, how it differs ... More

How to Avoid Injuries in Football

Now that we are in October and the football season is well underway I start to see lots of footballers in clinic, whether a Sunday league footballer or semi-professional, adult or child. The type of injuries I see in football vary, but the vast majority are in the lower body. Most of the injuries I see related to are ... More

How to Sit Correctly at Work

Not only do I treat a wide range of sports related injuries but also other injuries and problems have been sustained through work. The most common injury I see from people being at work is pain between the shoulder blades and the neck area. I always find that this is due to incorrect posture when sitting at a desk for ... More

How To Avoid Injury Whilst Marathon Training

It’s the time of year when you’ve probably noticed more of runners on the pavements in the evenings and at the weekends. Yes this year’s London Marathon is now less than just three months away. Those of you that are currently training for the event or another marathon in the spring will be well into you training by ... More

Merry Christmas!!

We are now in the time of year where Christmas is fast approaching, only two weeks away now!! It’s a busy time of the year and I’m sure you’re all busy with your Christmas parties, getting all your presents sorted and putting up the decorations. In this blog I will be talking about all things Christmas and how to ... More

What is Sports Massage?

Common questions I get asked are “what is sports massage?”, “how does it differ to other types of massage?” and “how will a sports massage be of benefit to me?” All of these questions will be covered in this blog. To start with, a sports massage is different to a massage you would receive from a spa. Sports ... More