Merry Christmas!!


We are now in the time of year where Christmas is fast approaching, only two weeks away now!! It’s a busy time of the year and I’m sure you’re all busy with your Christmas parties, getting all your presents sorted and putting up the decorations. In this blog I will be talking about all things Christmas and how to avoid injuries in the New Year.

I am doing a very special offer this Christmas of five one hour sports massages for just £120, a big saving of £55. This gift is perfect for someone who is very active, has a physical job or even does a lot of driving or sits at a desk all day for work which causes back pain. Benefits of sports massage include release of muscular tension and fatigue, increased flexibility plus reduced pain and stress to name just a few. A lot of people have this opinion that sports massage is very painful and is some form of torture! This is completely false, a sports massage is traditionally a deep tissue massage but the level of pressure applied by myself can vary, if you don’t want the massage to be too deep then that’s fine. If you are interested in booking this fantastic offer or think it would be perfect for someone that you know then contact me either by phone on 07792 595566 or by email at

I do see a wide variety of injuries around the Christmas and New Year period, ranging from people falling off a chair putting up decorations to women who have one too many drinks around the New Year and roll over on their ankles whilst wearing high heels.

One of the main issues I see in the New Year are people trying to get into shape as part of their new year’s resolution. The main tips I would give to anyone who is trying to get back into shape is to have an induction at a gym. Gym staff carry out a very detailed physical assessment when you join just to make sure you’re not suffering from any medical conditions that you are unaware of. One of the main problems I see is people going from doing almost nothing in terms of sporting activity to then going to the gym and doing some form of exercise almost every day. This is going to lead to injury as the body needs time to adapt to a change in lifestyle like this. Going from doing nothing to a lot in a short space of time just works the muscles and the body too hard. Other advice I would give is to warm up and cool down properly, this really helps to prevent any injuries occurring to the body. Make sure you dress appropriately for whatever form of exercise you are doing, if you’re going out for run make sure you are wearing suitable running trainers and not a casual pair of trainers.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone that I have treated or spoken to over the past year a great Christmas and a very happy (and injury free) 2016!


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